[03/13/2004] SMiLeaf: New Version 2.1.2 out!
this is a bit later than I wanted to but. this contains a flood bug fix. (thanks wcronen)
and all the sock, and kitty command removed. they were causing problems flooding some hubs.
update in a few regex commands.
NOTE: none of these are tested being I'm not hosting a hub anymore.
The hub I was hosting was taken down because of a few reasons really. first of which being its not as fun as it was a year ago. and also I don't have the bandwith to host anymore.
because of this I will not be working on Freya again. I appologize for the lack of work I have put in. College and 2 jobs leave you with no time at all...
Another reason I am stopping is lack of interest. I've had alot of time over the past few months that I could have been working on freya. but just wasn't in the mood. instead I have been working on many other different projects.
One of which being my website. http://smileaf.no-ip.org:1026/
Again thank you to all that have use freya. It was fun.
[02/03/2004] SMiLeaf: Got that Job at Fastek been working there for 2 weeks now :) With luck I'll be able to work at home like they said I might be able to. Then I can have more time to work on other stuff ;)
[01/16/2004] SMiLeaf: First I'd Like to say I'm sorry I've not had time to work on Freya for a very long time.
But I have worked on the rewrite a little bit ;) can't say its done or will be done any time soon. But its comming along.
Hope you all like the new site design. to make it quick cuz I don't have much time today. I'm just writting the site in plain html instead of php ;)
Had an Interview for an intern doing web development at Fastek!!
2.1.1 I believe is where I left of at. 3.0 will be the next release and I hope to get it out before Feb. 24 ;)
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